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    Scram's Greatest Hits



       Scram #12
    Arizona garage punk legends Floyd & Jerry... Toni Basil's incredibly hip career... Denny Eichhorn interviews Peter Blecha of the new Seattle Experience Music Project... Harvey Sid Fisher talks about his "Astrology Songs" and macrobiotics... A hilarious survey of fake Merseybeat records by P. Edwin Letcher... James Porter runs down the history of legendary budget label Crown... The Pretty Things... Deniz Tek, M.D. (Radio Birdman's guitarist) writes about one unforgettable night in the E.R.... plus chimps on TV, retro-styled burlesque, pinups, more!

       Scram #11
    Johnny Ramone, the Chamber Strings, Greg Shaw and Gene Sculatti on the early days of rock zines, "My boss, Kim Fowley," Jack Stevenson on industrial parks and the fake future, and much more!

       Scram #10
    Dead Moon, Peter Laughner, Arthur Lee & Love, Peter Bagge goes bubblegum crazy, Record Store Follies, Way-Out Wayne Newton, The Cult of Technicolor, the black velvet underground revealed and a whole lot more.

       Scram #9
     Chad & Jeremy on L.S.D., ham acting, Burning Man, Girl Group Battle Royale: The Shangri-Las vs. The Goodees, Drinkin' with the Jacobites, bad television, Scott Miller's favorite embarrassing records, how to be a badass, Dusty Springfield R.I.P.

      Scram #8
     Apples in Stereo, The Archies, Jackie DeShannon, The United States of America, Jeff "Mothers of Invention" Simmons, Apartment Follies, Snaxpo 98, human lab rats.

     Scram #7
     Edd "Kookie" Byrnes, The Nightcrawlers, Rob Younger, The Upper Crust's Lord Bendover's etiquette tips, Tony Bruno, Stiv Bators, Russian prophets in East L.A.?, ham radio idiocy, atomic weapons in the home.

     Scram #6
     Dion, Fortune & Maltese, The Mensclub, Neil Hamburger, beatniks and Rod McKuen, The Loons, The Naked Sax Player, Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

     Scram #5
     Peter Bagge, Rodent Rock, The Zombies, sex & bubblegum, The Pebbles, Disney's planned community, mortuary cosmetics, Spy Jazz, The Divine Comedy.

     Scram #4
     Boyce & Hart, The Go-Nuts, Tiny Tim in one of his last interviews, ZOG conspiracies, Mary Lou Lord, Lisa Carver, Townes Van Zandt, thrifting tips, vinyl record care.

     Scram #3
     The Poppy Family, Jackie & the Cedrics, Disneyland, Brute Force, psychedelic Wizard of Oz concept records, Nancy & Lee and Sonny & Cher, Burt Reynolds' music, teenage vandalism, the early Bee Gees.

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