At the Scram #12 launch party at the Bigfoot Lodge, DJ Lee Joseph is hypnotized by the magic antlers.

Spring and Vito make a rare public appearance.

Rich Polysorbate 60 and the lovely Christian clamber on the hearth.


 Scram #12 Launch Party at Zineorama

 Starring Harvey Sid Fisher, Bangers & Mash, DJ Gremlin, DJ Leeeeee, and the mixological skills of Doug Miller. Thanks to Martin & Yvette for being such wonderful hosts, and to all the swell folks who came by!

Bangers & Mash fight jet-lag while setting up Mash's drums.

Peter had a little accident with the scissors; Tracy is sympathetic.

That's DJ Gremlin, channeling the spirit of his dead hero.

Harvey Sid and the girls sing "F-Word."

Harvey Sid fills the room with joy.

Doug Miller is an expert in all matters sudsy.

Bangers fan Mary Burt's dream comes true (part one).

Part two: Bangers actually does the Pimp Jerk with Mary!.

Oh, Mash, we love you, too.

Bangers & Mash find a new fan, a cool little kid from the neighborhood whose name I can't spell. He says of Bangers "He's cool; I could do that!" You sure can!

Miss Maggot and her husband Bruce.

DJs Gremlin and Lee put their rivalries aside in the interest of goodwill.

A rare photo of official Cacophony documentarian Jon Alloway.

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